Effectively Manage, Track, and Follow Up with Emails

Whenever a potential client sends you an email to ask about your services, have you noticed that you end up sending more or less the same message? For example, you probably send out a link to an assessment form to pre-qualify clients, or a link to your calendar so they can book an appointment with you. Aside from copying and pasting a message template, there has to be a better way. Here’s another scenario. You received a message on LinkedIn from a potential client, but after you sent out an email, it turns out the potential client is currently on vacation and wants you to follow up by the end of the month. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to effectively manage your email, track whenever an important email was opened, or even set reminders for yourself to follow up on a specific date and time?

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How to Create a Squeeze Page

Whether you are launching a product, service, live event, webinar, teleseminar, or any virtual event, the first thing you will need to do is set up a squeeze page. Before I start talking about squeeze pages, let’s define what a squeeze page is because I would like to assume that there are newbies reading this post right now. A squeeze page is basically a specific web page designed to capture email addresses. So if you have an e-book that you want to give away and want people to enter their name and email address, you will need to create a squeeze page. So now we’re good right? So how do you create a squeeze page?

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Customer Complaints on Social Media – What to Do

This is a guest post by Lauren Hill

how to handle customer complaint on social mediaIf you have a business and you have customers – you simply can’t ignore the impact of social media. Many businesses have a Customer Service Department but many businesses don’t respond to social media comments. Customers do complain & comment on social media. These comments may have an affect on your business and certainly are customer service problems that often need to be resolved. It is the savvy business that addresses these social media comments.

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How to Create Image Quotes for Social Media Posts

Creating shareable content for Facebook, Pinterest, or Google Plus is on top of everyone’s list lately. Image quotes tend to have a higher rate of engagement compared to just plain text updates. If you have been wondering how you can create those beautiful image quotes for your social media channels but don’t have graphic design skills or don’t have a lot of time to spend on creating custom graphics, then you are going to love this video.

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Social Media vs Traditional SEO – Which is Best For Business?

This is a guest post by Adam Green

For any small business, marketing is often a big challenge, particularly online where you are effectively competing with every other business in your niche, possibly even businesses from across the globe. 

social media management services

The question always remains: Which marketing channel should you invest in?

Two of the most popular options right now are SEO and Social Media, so let’s weigh them up and see which option makes most sense for you!

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