Content Marketing Tips

content marketing strategies This is a collection of tips from content creation, planning, and marketing. 2013 is going to be the year of the online writer, and the year that we focus on creating more content for our audience. 

Content Marketing Tips

A collection of tips about content creation, planning, and marketing.

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Hey content producers: In 2013, focus on creating content people want, not just content to fill space.Peter Shankman
Content doesn’t win. Optimized content wins ~ @shafqatislam #marketingBenjamin Bou
“If you want success with your marketing, turn your back on self-promotion.” ~ Valuable Content Marketing by @SonjaJefferson & @sjtanton.Julie Roberts
"Written content for marketing, sales, recruiting and other needs starts off with a solid plan of action." from our new eBook, coming in JanCandlelight Writing
A blog post is not "content marketing". It’s just content. You still have to do the marketing of it (hint: that means promotion).Samuel Woods
Social media marketing is still, at its foundation, about producing great content. Awesome, inspiring content is shared, reposted, loved.Jc Goodman
87 percent of B2B marketers used content marketing this year, making it the most used marketing tactic in 2012.Sally Falkow
By creating compelling content, you can become a celebrity. #SMOSMO Marketing
“I always say content is king, but #marketing is the queen, and the queen runs the household.” -Gary Vaynerchuk #quoteAngelsData
BMG: The best strategy for building a content marketing program is to determine what business objectives are to be met.Jeff Brady
Writing good content on the back of straight forward planning is not content marketing, it is just how you do it.Andrew Long
Every successful marketing strategy is based on good research. You can’t just blindly go to a social media site to submit your content and eYong Perkins
"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell." #Marketing #Contentsubmitwagon
Without a doubt, one of my hottest content marketing tips is to do interviews.Millionaires Academy
Great quote from Digital Head Cisco "content marketing is about helping not selling. And to help, you have to connect in a human way"Tuhu Nugraha D
Without a headline that compels people to read it your content is nothing #blogging #marketingTom Southern
Creating a #content marketing schedule is important, but allow for some
Build trust and earn the right to sell by sharing valuable marketing content.David Tovey
#SocialMedia marketing is about delivering remarkable content when buyers are ready to hear your message.Paul Slack
Good content = Good alignment between Sales and Marketing and vice versaJeff Simmons
Word of mouth marketing isn’t just a verbal action. When someone shares your online content, that’s word of mouth marketing, too.Eric Naftulin
Social Media is the fuel to set your content on fire – According to 2013 research from CMI & marketing Profs. Choice a wise marktn strategyRICKY DA ENTATAIN R
Content Marketing Tip – An easy content idea. Create a handy resource list that will be a useful reference for your readers.Jaime White
Content Marketing Tip – Stories make great engaging content. Tell a story today.Jaime White
Audio Marketing can easily captures attention of visitors to a site, getting them involved in the content you are delivering.Tim Shillinglaw
Content marketing tip: Toot your horn to turn a profit [Video]…Shelby
#Content #Marketing Tip: One of the easiest ways to come up with what’s next? Expand on previously covered topics!Marc R. Enriquez
Content Marketing Monday Tip #1: Be daringWhen it comes to creating content that will engage prospects, start people talking and create a sense of excitement around your company, products and services, it usually pays to be a bit, well – daring. Sometimes a simple press release will suffice to quickly explain a minor change in personnel, or a regular software patch. But if – for example – you’ve just stolen a fabulous new director from a competitor, launched a completely innovative product, won a top industry award or secured an amazing customer win in a new business sector, then don’t you think you should show your customers, partners and the media just how excited you are? It can be all too easy to opt for the safe angle when considering angles and materials for content marketing, especially in traditionally reserved markets. But try and think a little bit differently and you’ll make more of a buzz and keep your business front of mind. To give you some idea, we’re currently working on some content around dinosaurs and Star Wars here at Prompt! (more to follow!) So don’t be afraid of being slightly off-the-wall. You’d be surprised – you’re actually far more likely to scare off an entire audience by being boring, than daring to be a little edgy. Have fun!Prompt Communications Boston
#SEOTIPS – Creating GREAT content that people naturally want to link to is the best way to build links! #LinkBuilding #SEOsubmitwagon
#Marketing tip for the upcoming year – Create a content calendar for blogging or #socialmedia posts, and stick to it!Camille Rodriquez
"Content is not storytelling, its telling a true story well." ~ Ann Handley, Marketing Profs #QuotesHeinz Dobernig
Pure & simple, great content is the cornerstone of a solid digital marketing strategy. Social, search, email marketing, etc= all dependent.Crosspoint Creative
Provide relevant #content across multiple channels so your business is available to consumers how THEY prefer #marketingStephen Monaco
Marketing Tip: Contact other newsletter publishers, share content & links to your siteMike Morrison
User-generated content is the best type of advertising when selling products #Marketing #SocialMedia #SM #Fab #FancyAsim V
Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing is about delivering useful content – David Scott – AuthorWeb Promo Geeks
Time Toolbox Item: DivvyHQ – Marketing Content CalendarIt’s time to start planning your marketing for 2013. I am all about simple and…Sonaya Williams
"Content snacks," or bite-sized pieces of information and content, are more relevant to digital marketing than long, in-depth articlesLove Technology
In 2013, 70% of content marketing tactics will be video-based. @CarolCampbellCRKimberley C. Blaine
The biggest secret to starting inbound marketing? Write, write, and write some more! Blogs, content, press releases, anything!Sigma Web Marketing
SEO is shifting. Less focus on tricks and more on good online content.Quo Marketing Group

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