How to Create Content That Gets Your Readers Hooked

how to create content that gets your readers hooked

Have you ever experienced posting blog posts that don’t get noticed? Do you feel frustrated when after you hit publish and come back to the site another day, there is still not a single comment or visitor of your blog except yourself? That is a common problem among us small business owners. No matter how hard we have worked on that single blog post, sometimes it seems hard to produce a content that actually gets your target audience hooked.

So aside from writing keyword-rich posts (that sometimes sound like you’re writing for bots, and not for people… admit it they do sound weird sometimes with all the keyword stuffing), it’s important that you get your audience hooked, and ready to share your content with their social media circles.

Here are 5 ways to make sure that you create content that not only speaks to your target audience but also makes them want to share  your content with others:

  1. Spice it up with multimedia. A post should always include a photo, a video, or a diagram. It will not only help you to break the page full of text but it will make your post attractive to your readers. Remember that most people are visual. Hence, Pinterest has become so hot! When they see an interesting photo or have watched a cool video mixed with your content, you win half of the battle. They are hooked to reading through.
  2. Format in style. Part of the visual of a post is the layout. It is crucial that the content uses the right font size, font color, background, headlines, and overall readability. Format is a deal breaker. A blog post that has a really small font size is hard to read. I have come across blogs that use Times New Roman size 8 for the text. Seriously, won’t you have a hard time reading that? Here’s an excellent post from Copyblogger on how to format blog posts effectively.
  3. Example is the key. When a reader relates to an experience, he develops a sense of belongingness with what he is reading. So instead of giving your audience plain fact and theory create content that illustrates real life experiences. This will make your readers relate to your post in a more personal level.
  4. Be graphic, be bold. Scales can speak more about your point than a thousand explanation words. This is the main reason why when we are presenting a report we use graphs to illustrate our point. It is the same principle when it comes to content. It also gives credibility to your points, since it is a proof that a study or a survey had been made. If you want to know how to create content that is comprehensible and credible to your readers, give them scales of measurement and they will certainly hit your point. When readers understand and trust you, they are encouraged to read more.
  5. Mind your tone. Be guarded when writing blog content. Study your audience very well. Know their taste. Try to review what offends them. So let’s say your target audience happens to be women who are healers. A blog post with profane words simply won’t appeal to them. Write your content in a language and tone that is acceptable to your readers. Use appropriate amount of humor. Know the level of intellectual insight they expect from you and deliver the conversation they are most accustomed to receive.

So there you go! Start with these 5 tips and see how well your readers engage with your posts.

Now it’s your turn to share. Do you have any other ideas for writing content that would get your blog readers hooked? Feel free to share your favorite blogs in the comments below and let us know why you love reading their posts.



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