How to Drive More Views and Subscribers to Your YouTube Channel

drive more youtube viewsIf you are doing video marketing, chances are you already know how to optimize your videos for SEO purposes, how to distribute videos, etc. Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience.

So how do others do it? How are they successfully getting more visibility for their business using videos?

The one thing you need to focus on is building an audience and in this post, I’ll be talking about YouTube in particular. If your audience on Facebook is called “fans”, for YouTube they call them “subscribers”. I’m pretty sure you already know that. :)

The reason why you want to build an audience on YouTube is because each of your subscribers who watch and enjoy your weekly videos (or bi-weekly videos if you upload regularly) can turn into raving fans. These raving fans will comment and share your videos with others, and who knows, you might get a client from these referrals (just like I did).

In the video below, I’ll share with you 2 tips for getting more visibility to your channel, and feature a video that you are trying to promote.

Now it’s your turn to share. Do you promote your events or freebies using videos?

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