How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

In the past couple of weeks, Pinterest launched a website verification feature for users. You probably have gone through similar verification processes when using third-party apps and other websites, and the reason behind this is to fight spam. Although it doesn’t necessarily rid the internet of these trolls, this process tells visitors that you are who you say you are (just imagine some random person creating a profile using your name and claiming that their profile is the real one).

how to verify website on pinterest

Before we go over the steps in verifying your website on Pinterest, you may be wondering why you need to verify your website. Here are 2 reasons why:

  • it shows visitors to your profile that your profile is real
  • your website’s full URL will be visible on your info (instead of that tiny icon)

Verifying your website on Pinterest is a quick and easy process. In the video tutorial below, I’ll teach you how to verify your website on Pinterest by logging in to your cPanel and using your hosting provider’s File Manager (and not your FTP, which could get confusing for newbies). Are you ready? Watch the video below for step by step instructions.


Have you verified your website on Pinterest yet? Share your Pinterest profile URL in the comments below so we can follow you.

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