How to Overcome Your Fear of Marketing

how to overcome fear of marketing

As an entrepreneur, it gets to a point where you just lose the confidence to face another client and offer what you have. Posting status updates about your services or programs is another story. What I’m referring to is marketing yourself since you are your brand. Do you feel uncomfortable convincing people to work with you? This is the challenge that most of us get confronted with in almost a daily basis. Do you feel jealous when you see someone else who does the same thing that you do, and gets media appearances, or simply has a rocking online presence? Do you feel scared to market yourself because you feel you’re not as good as your competitor? Do you want to know how to overcome your fear of marketing? Then this post is for you, so read on.

How do you overcome fear of marketing? Will that tormenting feeling in the morning ever go away? Can you do something permanent about your ego and self esteem?

Whether you like it or not, you need to do some marketing to make sales. Let me give you an example. A life coach who wholeheartedly believes in being authentic doesn’t want to do the obvious selling of her coaching services. Putting up a website just isn’t enough anymore, so you need to get yourself out there.

Let me tell you one secret. I was in your shoes once. I was afraid of getting my voice heard and be seen on videos, and so making videos or even audio tips was not on my to-do list because I had this fear of being rejected. I wanted people to take me seriously and not see me as someone very young teaching how to do social media marketing. But you know what? I faced that fear. And a whole new world of opportunities started to open after I have overcome that fear.

Here are my 5 personal tips that I want to share with you on how to overcome your fear of marketing:

Stop spying and feeling jealous of your biggest competitor
First things first. This is not going to help you if you spend so much time spying on someone. I know it’s normal to feel jealous when someone else is totally a couple of steps ahead of you and are pretty good at marketing themselves. This will only bring you down.

Be plain honest
Why are you scared? Is it because you dread rejection? Has it got to do with your speaking skills? Are you afraid to be stereotyped as a salesperson who manipulates to get a sale? By answering honestly these questions, you will have a concrete idea from where your fear is rooting from. The best thing about that is when you know the source of your fear, you are now more informed on how to address it.

Believe in your business
You started your business because you know your services or products will make a huge impact on your ideal clients or customers’ lives. You need to believe with all your heart that what you have to offer solves your target market’s problems.

Review success stories of past clients
One of the most uplifting things I do is reading past clients’ testimonials. It never fails to boost my self-esteem. Knowing that you have made a big difference in your clients’ businesses is more than enough reason to take a step towards facing that fear.

Take a small step
Take a post-it note or piece of paper. Write down the fear that’s holding you back and the small action that you will do to address that fear. For example, if your fear is public speaking but you’ve always wanted to do live workshops, substitute that with a small group of 3 people that you can teach (whether live or virtually through Skype). This will serve as your starting point. Post this reminder on your wall, whiteboard, or cork board to encourage you.

These techniques are pretty simple but will help you be informed about your source of fear when it comes to marketing and how to address it. How about you? Have you tried to overcome your fear of marketing? How did you do it? I would love to hear your personal stories in the comments below.


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