Pinterest Marketing Tips

Do you use Pinterest for your business? I have collected some great Pinterest marketing tips from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube users. If you have any tip to share, don’t forget to write a comment below.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

This is a collection of fabulous tips about marketing your business on Pinterest.

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#Tip: Optimise your Pinterest board by adding your YouTube video links #business #marketing
Best Practices to Use Pinterest to Promote Events! Great tip-Crowdsourcing for Ideas ask followers for suggestions & thoughts on your boardAlison Oyler-Mitsch
#SmallBusiness tip.. Every ecommerce store should have a pinterest account.Hatter Web Studio
A pinterest tip: check your pins for spammy links. A great picture might lead to a bad site.matthew
Pinterest Tip: Don’t Just Pin Images, Optimize For Pinterest Search With Purpose.Kamaal Patel
Pinterest #SEO tip: Add your authorship link to your pin descriptions. @colbyalmond #mozinarPowerUp Social
#SocialMedia tip: Humanize your brand by creating a Pinterest board of shots from around the office. Introduce people, & have fun with it!Donna Vieira
Pinterest Tip – photos should be high quality, engaging, focused, properly cropped, and easy to identify the subject. #socialmediaTMC
Pinterest tip: be sure to categorize your boardsSheila Lathan
#PINTEREST TIP use the source when pinning to avoid copyright issues.Kim Garst ツ
#Pinterest Tip: Create boards around the problems you solve – not just about your product and its features.Shirley Wilson
#pinterest tip: Discover trends by checking out the Popular category.Success With Nicole
How to Verify Your Website on Pinterestsocialmediagurl
A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterestmdgadvertising
Promoting your Products with Pinterest (the right way)meganauman
Pinterest Tool PinstamaticA72Z8QG4RfDAX0ctElh9Xw
Pinterest Marketing: How To Make Your Pins Go Viral / Get Popularpinpioneer


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