Quick and Easy Content Creation Strategies

Are you feeling tired and exhausted of writing? Do you feel pressured that you once again need to come up with a post yet not a single word is typed on the screen? Have you exhausted content creation strategies and still came out lacking? Once in a while, you and I experience this. You know you are knowledgeable about a lot of topics in your industry but somehow get lost when it comes to writing blog posts. In this article, I’ll share with you a couple of bright and creative content creation strategies. Just when you actually believe you have done everything and wrote all possible topics, you will be amazed at how much more you can still write about.

Indeed, content creation can be draining. Flow of thought will eventually be cut short. And mental blocks will crawl on you like a bandit. This is especially true when you are a solopreneur who is on a tight budget and could not afford to hire a specialized content writer. Here are helpful content creation strategies that you can use:

content creation strategiesRead to enrich
Read other contents from other sites similar to yours. This will broaden your perspective in your area of business. What seemed to be a minor detail in other sites can be your main topic in the blog post you research and create. Just be careful to honor another’s work and respect other writers’ craft as you would want yours to be treated.

Another great idea is to segment your topics on other days. This will create a recall on your audience and they will know what to anticipate for a particular schedule. Schedule a day for Survey or Poll results alone. Have a poll question and then derive your articles from there. This type of content creation strategy will make your post interactive to your readers. The bonus part is that you have no longer have to keep on guessing on what topics your readers would love to hear from you.

Use multimedia
Use the magic of multimedia to get your message across. Whoever said that your blog is limited to worded articles alone? You can definitely post photos and or videos as one of your post. You can even post curated social media status updates on your blog. These types of posts will definitely catch the attention of your followers. Most people are visual, that’s why we need to build on that principle

Multimedia types of posts don’t even necessarily have to be yours. You can search for great content from others, but just don’t forget to put the source.

content creation strategiesCelebrate readers’ comments
All you need to do is to keep a file of your readers’ comments and then highlight one each week. This will get readers thrilled as they will see their thoughts as the main topic of your latest post. They will all the more be eager to comment on your post and not just any comment but a well thought of one. This is also like giving homage to your readers, for whom all these efforts are really for.

Have your own diary
Yes, the world needs answers. And yes, we thrive on information. But there are moments we just want a laid-back reading experience and what better way to give that than to just narrate a personal story. And whose life do you write best than yours? So grab a pen and share to your readers a glimpse of your typical work day. They will get to know you more as a person and you will reach them in a more personal level.

These content creation strategies are a great start to a more active blog. You know you have a lot more up on your sleeves. Type away now because you definitely have plenty to write about!

Where do you find inspiration for your next blog post? I would like to know, so post a comment below this article. I’ll see you in the comments below.


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